The crunchiest, tastiest, sweetest spoon you can imagine is Jimbee Snack, of course!



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The Healthiest Snack

A new lettuce format that is especially suited to use as a base for different recipes (guacamole, cheese, creams, ceviche, etc.). It has an excellent flavour and crunchy texture that will delight you with the many ways it can be enjoyed in your lunches, dinners and snacks.

New Concept

The first lettuce base for snacks. It can be used with hot toppings, and it is very easy to prepare. With an excellent flavour and crunchy texture An innovative concept that lets you enjoy your favourite foods in the healthiest way.

Remove the leaves by cutting the base
Wash the leaves
Add your topping
Enjoy your snack!

Jimbee Snack

by Jordi Cruz

Become an authentic chef with Jordi Cruz. With Jimbee Snack Lettuce, you can create authentic snacks to liven up your meals with our chef.

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